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White 127W1Add
White ceramic 128W1Add
White ceramic 129W1Add
White ceramic 130W1Add
White cermaic 131W1Add
Polished Untreatd Brass 1940MPAdd
White 120W1Add
Chrome 689CAdd
Black 1940BAdd
Chrome 1940CAdd
Round White Ceramic 133WAdd
Chrome 1935CAdd
White Add
White Add
White 116W1Add
White 117W1Add
Square white ceramic basin 132WAdd
White 171W1Add
White 173W1Add
White 174W1Add
Chrome 1936CAdd
Chrome 1942CAdd
Chrome 1966CAdd
Chrome 1968CAdd
White 498-2TAdd
Chrome 5658CHAdd
Chrome 5659CHAdd
Chrome 5663CHAdd
Chrome 605CAdd
Chrome 606CAdd
Chrome 607CAdd
Chrome 610CAdd
Chrome 611CAdd
Chrome 612CAdd
Chrome 613CAdd
Chrome 617CAdd
Chrome 619CAdd
Mirror glass/satin chrome/chrome 6300C-SAdd
Frosted glass/satin chrome/chrome 6302C-SAdd
Frosted glass/satin chrome/chrome 6303C-SAdd
Frosted glass/satin chrome/chrome 6304C-SAdd
Satin chrome/chrome 6305C-SAdd
Satin chrome/chrome 6306C-SAdd
Satin chrome/chrome 6308C-SAdd
Satin chrome/chrome 6309C-SAdd
White ceramic/chrome 630CAdd
Satin chrome/chrome 6310C-SAdd
Satin chrome/chrome 6311C-SAdd
Satin chrome/chrome 6316C-SAdd
Satin chrome/chrome 6319C-SAdd
Satin chrome/chrome 6323C-SAdd
Satin chrome/chrome 6327C-SAdd
White ceramic/chrome 639CAdd
Mirror glass/chrome 6400CAdd
Clear glass/chrome 6402CAdd
Clear glass/chrome 6403CAdd
Clear glass/chrome 6404CAdd
Chrome 6405CAdd
Chrome 6406CAdd
Chrome 6410CAdd
Chrome 6411CAdd
Chrome 6416CAdd
Chrome 641CAdd
Chrome 6423CAdd
Chrome 6427CAdd
Mirror glass/chrome 642CAdd
Chrome 6437CAdd
Chrome 646CAdd
Chrome 650CAdd
Chrome 651CAdd
Chrome 653CAdd
Chrome 655CAdd
Chrome 656CAdd
Chrome 662CAdd
Clear glass/chrome 6704CAdd
Chrome 6706CAdd
Chrome 6707CAdd
Chrome 6710CAdd
Chrome 6711CAdd
Chrome 6716CAdd
Chrome 6719CAdd
Chrome 6723CAdd
Chrome 6725CAdd
Chrome 6727CAdd
Mirror glass/chrome 6741CAdd
Mirror glass/chrome 680CAdd
Mirror glass/chrome 680CAdd
Mirror glass/chrome 681CAdd
Mirror glass/chrome 682CAdd
Mirror glass/chrome 683CAdd
Mirror glass/chrome 688CAdd
Chome and black 6995CAdd
Chrome 722CAdd
Chrome 723CAdd
Chrome 832CAdd
Brushed Brass/Clear glass 8702MP1Add
Complete your dream bathroom
The perfect way to finish your bathroom is with the addition of one of Miller from Sweden’s beautiful accessory collections. Thoughtfully designed to compliment our furniture, there are many stylish and innovative solutions to choose from. 
Miller From Sweden Ltd
Unit 16, Thame Park Business Centre
Wenman Road
Oxfordshire OX9 3XA
Phone: 01844 264800

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