About the Miller family

Our highly skilled craftsmen take great pride in seeing their products leave our own factory
knowing that every millimetre has been polished, every detail scrutinised, and every angle checked
so that each individual drawer fits like a glove.

Over five generations, the Miller family business has been supplying fittings and accessories of the highest quality, and when the company moved into bathroom furniture in 1975, the designs have gradually changed, but our genuine passion for wood and quality craftsmanship remain as strong as ever.

For this reason, we are as proud to give our furniture the family’s seal of approval. We know that Miller truly represents both tradition and authenticity alike - something you can rely on. Genuine moments of tranquillity which improve your quality of life. A good morning – and an equally good night.
This is the ideal we try to live up to each and every day – and we call it the Miller Way.



Wood is a living material, which must be handled with care and know-how. Our professional team of furniture makers, in southern Sweden, ensure every detail in every piece of furniture receives the attention it deserves. This means that Miller bathroom furniture offers the highest standards of reliability. Indeed, we are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a ten-year guarantee on all our furniture, and 10 years to lifetime guarantee on our accessories. A bathroom you can rely on – the Miller Way.



Today, Miller is a family business, now in its fifth generation of ownership. For this, we owe a debt of gratitude to the Miller brothers, Justus and Fritz, or perhaps their father. In actual fact it was at their father’s weapons workshop, in Printzeryd, outside Bankeryd, in southern Sweden, where the brothers began casting furniture fittings for the first time. 

The year was 1903, and before long the brothers’ business would become too big for their father’s workshop and relocated to a new, modern factory, built near the railway, in Bankeryd. The Miller factory remains at this location to this day. 

The son, Einar, took over the reins in 1936, and by the time Einar’s son, Birger, took charge at the end of the 1960s, the company had begun manufacturing parts for the new Volvo P1800 sports car, as well as grills for the other major Swedish car manufacturer, SAAB. Other products included the popular TV thermos flask and a gold plated Cobra telephone commissioned by the Shah of Iran! 


In early 1980, the company ceased manufacturing fittings, and turned its attention to the wholesale trade, as well as bathrooms. Birger’s son, Christer, had noted the acute shortage of attractive bathroom interiors on the English market, and decided to do something about it. The company’s own designed bathroom collections and accessories swiftly gained popularity in the UK, and in 1987, Christer returned home to Sweden in order to take over the company, Bröderna Miller (the Miller Brothers), in Bankeryd. 


Nowadays, the company’s activities are divided between hardware fittings and bathroom interiors. For a number of years now, our bathroom furniture has been available on the Swedish market – all manufactured in our own factory, in southern Sweden. And today it is the Miller’s fifth generation, Frank and Maria, who are running the business, together with their father, Christer.

The Miller Way
A good morning, and an equally good night. Considering how much time you spend in the bathroom, you’re worth that little bit extra. Attractive, timeless design and genuine Swedish craftsmanship, with attention to every detail. 
Some call it quality of life, we call it the Miller Way.

the benefits of THE MILLER WAY

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